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Do I have any rights for being laid off following a work injury?

I am a member of the Laborers International Union of North America. Last week I was injured on the job. Everything was going fine with the employer as they were very cooperative in the beginning with the restrictions I was placed on(Lift 5lbs, push pull 5lbs, no overhead movements, no use of right shoulder) Yesterday one of the companies safety men went to the doctor visit with me. Surgery was mentioned and the safety guy immediately changed his attitude. Today I was leaving work to go to the Orthopedic consult and was called back to work after clocking out. They presented me with a check for last week and a check for what I’ve worked this week and notified me they didn’t need me anymore. Is this legal? What are my rights? I was diagnosed with a closed dislocation of the AC joint and pending the MRI a possible torn labrum or torn rotator cuff.
I was contacted by a representative from Ohio Workers Comp(careworks)the following day. They opened a claim at that time.

Somebody is responsible for your injuries. This should be reported to Workman’s compensation. I think they should do this or else the Union you are in. The Union should be able to answer your questions. If not, contact a work injury lawyer.
EDIT..OKay since they opened the claim make sure you get everything taken care of. I don’t think you will be able to get your job back. I saw a probationary worker (not in union yet) who injured his back get laid off at a Union shop. I really don’t know how your Laborers Union operates. I’m sure they will have all the answers.

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