Why do YOUR solicitors go AGAINST u and take the side of Social Services?

Solicitors talk to u so nice and friendly when u first go to see them. They tell u that u are being treated badly and tell u that u should use their services to help u. They come across as if they agree with u. And they tell u they HATE Social Services just as much as u. But suddenly they turn against u and support the SS. And u lose your baby to the SS.

I have been reading your history, which suggests you are a 14-year-old nymphomaniac with a series of much older boyfriends. I tread carefully, since it could be being written by a middle-aged man indulging a fantasy, or a police officer trawling the net for anyone confessing paedophile interests. Best though to take it at face value.

It seems your solicitor has been nobbled by the SS, who have reminded the strong power they have to remove children from whom they consider to be inappropriate parents. So much of child protection is based on social taboo and pseudoscience backed up by heavy moral outrage. It justifies breaking fundamental legal principles, such as human rights to family life, habeas corpus, or the right to a fair trial, by simply publishing an image of an abused child looking unhappy. Only when confronting the threat of terrorism is the law similarly flouted. Murderers seem to be much more softly treated.

The murders of Rikki Neave, Victoria Climbie and Peter Connelly, all of whom were known to the SS, suggest that modern child protection priorities are perverse.

Your best protection, if you are an underage mother, and the one traditionally used to protect such people from official interference, is for the grandmother to claim the baby as her own officially, and undertake to raise it and take responsibility for it, at least until the true mother reaches the age of 16 (or 18), and can legally take over without doors being broken down during a dawn raid. These days, though, even that is risky, since I remember one case of the parents of a 14-year-old mother who were arrested for harbouring a criminal, since they allowed the father of the baby to stay at the family home to care for the baby and its young mother.

If it were my own 14-year-old daughter who became a mother, I consider it my prime objective as a father and a grandfather to support and care for and protect both children from allcomers, and that includes ill-placed official interference. If asked why I gave the father of the baby all my encouragement to be a good supporting dad himself, to the limits of his abilities, and the prospect of a marriage in due course, I would simply say that I did not believe he was the father of the child, but that I admired him for loving my daughter so much, he was prepared to take her on, even with a baby.

Any Christian can testify there is a well-known precedent for this.

Can a life insurance policy be claimed without other siblings or solicitors knowing?

My sister has the death certificate of my parent, could she claim the life insurance without me knowing? We suspect there may have been more than one policy so would it be possible that the solicitors wouldn’t have to know about all of them… Or does the deceased solicitors always have to be contacted when a claim is made? Or is it possible that no solicitors have to be involved?

The only responsibility an life insurer has is to make the death benefit payable to the named beneficiary on the policy.
If your sister submits the certificate, the Insures will issue payment to whomever the deceased named as beneficiaries.
If no beneficiaries were named, or if none remain living, the proceeds are paid to the estate of the deceased, handled by the solicitor, which is then dealt with according to the will, or to probate if they died intestate.


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