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Is a DVD kiosk business worth the investment?

I’m receiving a settlement in a personal injury suit. I’m carefully looking over possible business investments and I was wondering what was available. Please, only serious answers! And investing in a person is not the answer.

I also think you’d have a hard time competing with RedBox, Blockbuster, NetFlix, etc…. You’re better off doing something with the money so that you don’t lose it. A business venture is probably unwise unless you can do it without using the money.

ok how do i go about filing a lawsuit for my pain and suffering?

i dont know how to go about filing a lawsuit online. is there a website that you can go to to ask a lawyer is your case is acceptable? someone help me out

Need to put what state you are in for the question to make sense. Every state is different. Generally, start with going to your state’s court system. If it is a small case (less than $50K), it is customary to DIY, and the court system website will have step by step tools for you to do.

If you are trying to do a personal injury lawsuit, just look in your phone book for a free consultation. Personal injury suits generally work on contingency, which means you pay nothing and the lawyer gets 1/3 of any judgment/settlement, BEFORE any court fees are paid (lawyers get paid on gross not on net). The plaintiffs personal injury bar are a dime a dozen and anyone can do a simple lawsuit – it requires no specialized training. You’ll see 100 full page ads under “attorneys” offering free consults. They’ll usually do it by phone too.

Note that you generally cannot sue for emotional distress absent corresponding physical injury. Someone really upsetting you generally does not give rise to a lawsuit.

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Utah Goblin Valley rock toppler Glenn Taylor pursuing personal injury lawsuit

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