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KMConsolidated Announces Sale Event For The Advanced Personal Water Filter Straw

KMConsolidated Announces Sale Event For The Advanced Personal Water Filter StrawGilbert, SC (PR Buzz) May 6, 2013 — Highly effective personal filter purifies water during camping or emergency situations

KMConsolidated today announced the launch of the innovative Advanced Personal Water Filter Straw with the provision of free discount coupons. Available exclusively on Amazon, customers can enjoy a first-hand experience of the only personal water filter straw that comes with a lifetime no hassle replacement guarantee.

This will be a limited two-day sales event starting at noon EST on Thursday May 9, 2013. The event may end early if the product is sold out. Customers with the promotion code will get 50% off with every purchase of the Advanced Personal Filter Straw, the best water filter for wilderness camping and survival equipment packs.

This straw filter removes over 99.9999% of water contaminants in any water making it fit for human consumption. Proprietary technology has been incorporated into this filtration straw, so that it is easy to use, easy to clean and includes a water proof carrying case. The technology uses 6 filter steps, one of which uses iodinated resin, a technology that is unique to the Advanced Personal Filter Straw, setting it apart from older technology filter straws. An easy back flush cleaning kit is included to extend the filters useful life. This proprietary technology is vital in protecting consumers from water borne illnesses, because apart from the filtration process, the iodinated resin also kills the bacteria.

Customers will enjoy the highest filtration capacity and purification of any available filter straws currently on the market. A perfect water purifier for camping, the personal filter straw comes with the back flush kit that makes use of water pressure from a faucet to clean out the micro sized pores, ensuring that the filter is always working properly. Every water filter straw also comes with the use and care instructions in the packaging.

Customers can stock their wilderness survival kits for the next adventure or get a few for each of their vehicles disaster kit to be ready in case of an emergency. This filter straw is also very popular with those heading into the mission fields to be able to filter all of the water that is consumed while traveling abroad.

During this promotional event, all of the Advanced Personal Filter Straws in the customers order will be discounted by 50%. Customers must enter the promotion code on Amazon to get a personal water filter straw from KMConsolidated at a deep discount. The promotion is limited to the two day event, or until sold out, and no rain checks are given.

This sales event will begin at noon EST on Thursday May 9, 2013 and the customer must enter the promotion code DXIXH3O6 during the checkout process on Amazon.

The promotion can be accessed by going to

About Personal Filter Straw

Personal Filter Straw is a division of KMConsolidated, LLC which has been producing consumer products since 2000. KMConsolidated maintains an A+ business rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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