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Characteristics Of A Good Personal Injury Case Investigator

The nature of the injury should be studied by the personal injury lawyer. If the first report reveals the injury to be slight but the claimant is contending disability, the case should be assigned for investigation. The employer and the attending physician have to be interviewed. The lawyer must also arrange for a medical examination by one of his own consultations. An effort must be made to determine the true extent of injury and the anticipated period of disability. The auto accident attorney can provide more details about the topic.

An investigator is compelled to speak to many people in the course of any investigation. It is important that the names of all these people be incorporated in his report. The omission of such names may handicap, to a great extent, the position of the insurance company in its handling of the case, in the event disputes arise or differences of opinion present themselves.

Once the determination is made that the policy covers the claim, a file is created and a claim number permanently assigned to it. Thereafter, all papers revived in connection with the claim are made a part of the file. The policyholder is to be promptly advised if a question of policy coverage arises. A policyholder should be informed that he should seek his own legal representation. This must be done in the event any conflict of interest appears between the policyholder and the company.

The examiner has to file with the responsible state agency all required forms as stipulated in the law. Administrative requirements have to be met and fulfilled. For example, notice of payment must be filed; employer’s report of accident must be filed. If payment of compensation is indicated then benefits should be promptly instituted. Delays of payment to injured employees in non-controverter cases must be cut to an absolute minimum.

All this does not mean that the investigator is out on a limb, left solely and completely on his own. The claims examiners, supervisors and the claims department manager back in the office are always ready to be of assistance, to offer advice on procedure and to discuss the details of any claim under investigation. Where a novel problem presents itself, or where the investigator is in doubt about some point, the office claims executives should always be consulted. The investigator should never get into the habit of thinking that to ask questions or seek assistance of his supervisors is a sign of weakness or lack of ability. Actually, it is the opposite, for it provides the best means by which an investigator can learn about Workmen’s Compensation and investigatory techniques

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