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The efficient investigator first of all must master the routine which is basic to all cases regardless of the type of claim involved. This routine must be fixed in the mind of the investigator. By adhering to it he will help eliminate errors of omission and commission in the development of his investigation. Actually this routine is a basic check list which assures the investigator that he completed all the essential elements of the investigation. The auto accident attorney can give you more information about this subject.

An investigator is compelled to speak to many people in the course of any investigation. It is important that the names of all these people be incorporated in his report. The omission of such names may handicap, to a great extent, the position of the insurance company in its handling of the case, in the event disputes arise or differences of opinion present themselves.

Once the determination is made that the policy covers the claim, a file is created and a claim number permanently assigned to it. Thereafter, all papers revived in connection with the claim are made a part of the file. The policyholder is to be promptly advised if a question of policy coverage arises. A policyholder should be informed that he should seek his own legal representation. This must be done in the event any conflict of interest appears between the policyholder and the company.

An investigator must be able to evaluate his findings accurately. He has to know the right thing to do in all the varied circumstances he comes upon in the course of his work. It is essential that he have the judgment and self-assurance to select the right move if several alternatives present themselves. In addition, in his report, he must be able to select, place in proper perspective and emphasize the significant elements of his findings without burying them in a morass of inconsequential verbiage.

There are many different kinds of people involved in the processing of a claim. These include the employee, the employer, witnesses of the accident, the doctor, the claim staff of the insurance company, investigators, the state boards, referees, commissioners, clerks, typists, file boys, statisticians, and mail clerks.

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