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What Makes A Good Personal Injury Case Investigator

The efficient investigator first of all must master the routine which is basic to all cases regardless of the type of claim involved. This routine must be fixed in the mind of the investigator. By adhering to it he will help eliminate errors of omission and commission in the development of his investigation. Actually this routine is a basic check list which assures the investigator that he completed all the essential elements of the investigation. The auto accident attorney can provide more details about the topic.

1. The name and address of the employer: whether individual, co-partnership, corporation, trade name, are as named in the policy.
2. The location of the employer’s place of business as set forth in the policy.
3. The side of accident and the work being performed at the time of the accident in relation to the location of the employer’s place of business and the nature of the business are consistent with the policy.
4. The data and time of accident fit into the policy coverage.

If the injury appears to be slight and the claimant is not losing any time from work but the attending physician indicates that treatment will continue indefinitely, a prompt medical examination by a consultant should be arranged to determine the necessity for continued treatment.

The policyholder should be informed if any issue arises such as illegal employment or violation of labor laws since he may need to retain his own counsel to protect himself against the penalties or double indemnity awards if the violation does exist.

There are many different kinds of people involved in the processing of a claim. These include the employee, the employer, witnesses of the accident, the doctor, the claim staff of the insurance company, investigators, the state boards, referees, commissioners, clerks, typists, file boys, statisticians, and mail clerks.

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Personal Injury Lawyer Buffalo NY

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