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Personal Filter Straws Almost Sold Out Days After Launch

Personal Filter Straws Almost Sold Out Days After LaunchGilbert, SC (PR Buzz) May 9, 2013 — Water Filter Straw well received by among others, camping fans

KMConsolidated announced today that their newly launched promotion of the Advanced Personal Filter Straw is almost out of stock, only a day after it went to market. The Water Filter Straw was well received by camping enthusiasts, and other customers who want to be able to clean their drinking water before use, no matter where they are. These water filter straws are effective against bacteria, cysts and viruses with proven effectiveness of over 99.9999% removal of bacteria and viruses as measured and tested in over 300 labs worldwide.

The personal water filter straw is also effective in the removal of heavy metals such as lead, the removal of chlorine, the removal of volatile organic compounds and the removal of industrial pollutants, agricultural runoff, chemicals and trace pharmaceuticals.

Because of its light weight, the water filter straw is easy to carry and provides the highest filtering capacity of all personal filter straws. In addition to the water proof carry case that each water filter straw comes with, use and care instructions and a back-flush kit are also included making the water filter straw perfect for camping, emergencies, survival and mission trips.

With normal clear water, the filter straw can filter over 200 gallons, while for stagnant and turbid water, the straw is capable of over 25 gallons. The straw filters life can be maximized by effective cleaning after use. An easy to use back-flush cleaning kit that uses the water pressure from the faucet to clean the filter is provided.

To provide the safest drinking water after filtration the EPA approved filter also uses iodinated resin technology, a technology potent enough to kill bacteria even as it purifies the water. This filter straw makes use of food grade BPA free plastic that is manufactured to ISO 10000 standards, exceeding the EPA/ANSI requirement standards. The water filter straws are made in the USA.

During the promotional, soon to be a sold-out event, customer's orders will be discounted by 50%. Customers must order on Amazon to get a personal water filter straw from KMConsolidated at a deep discount.

The promotion ends on May 11 at noon EST, or until sold out, which ever occurs first. No rain checks are given. Customers must purchase the Personal Filter Straw through the checkout process on Amazon.

The ongoing promotion can be accessed by going to

About Personal Filter Straw

Personal Filter Straw is a division of KMConsolidated, LLC which has been producing consumer products since 2000. KMConsolidated maintains an A+ business rating with the Better Business Bureau (BBB).

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