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There is something very special about a top Workmen’s Compensation claims case and a personal injury lawyer at work. The something is a mixture of bountiful experience, sure-footed instinct and calm confidence to save him from falling into any of the occupational pitfalls that haunt the less experienced journeymen as they burrow into a desk full of claims problems. The auto accident attorney can give you a great deal of information about these types of cases.

The seasoned lawyer is aware of the many and varied strategies used in attempts to establish and amplify a claim and he is prepared to set up practical and legal roadblocks in defense. In order to determine which claims are to be rejected without delaying payments to legitimate claimants, the examiner must possess a combination of many special personal qualities.

He will find that at times he must have the imagination of a playwright, the sharpness of a top investigator, the tact of a diplomat, the intuitiveness reputed to women, the talent of a linguist for understanding accents, and the skill of the tactician to select the best method of approach for any given situation. In addition, the lawyer must have a sense of fairness and justice and, without question, a sense of humor to sustain him when he is wrestling with realities.

The lawyer knows that majority of the personal injury cases he has to deal with are not groundless, false or fraudulent. The injured individual in these cases are not adversaries to be resisted and fought but are human beings who need help and whose needs and problems have to be recognized and dealt with. The basic philosophy of a top-notch personal injury attorney should be in keeping with the philosophy of the law itself.

Ideally, the attorney operates within the concept of social insurance program under sanction of the law for the protection of injured individuals. He must be determined to fulfill the statutory requirements of the law promptly and adequately. Indemnity payments are to be quickly instituted when indicated. The best in medical care is to be provided including rehabilitation and vocational retaining when necessary. Claims are to be administered with a minimum of litigation. Controversies are to be reduced whenever possible. His responsibilities are not only statutory but moral as well.

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