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Audio-Visual Methods For Personal Injury Situations

The introduction of audio-visual techniques as investigatory tools has induced some progressive claims offices to adapt these methods to their operation plans. Audio recordings and cameras have opened up for the top-notch investigators new areas of activity to make the completed investigation more telling, accurate and permanent. Getting a legal advice on your side will shift the case into your favor.

o Name of address
o Age
o Social Security Number
o Occupation and Wages
o Past Work History
o Time, Place, and manner of accident
o Immediate effects
o Witnesses
o When first report made and to whom
o Nature and extent of injury
o Medical treatment received: names and addresses of every doctor; hospital, X-rays (if any).
o Present complaints.
o Past history: operations; accidents, periods of disability (if any) and compensation received (if any).
o Period of disability claimed
o Outside benefits received: health and accident policies; group insurance benefits; union benefits or fraternal society benefits

The Investigators should carry still cameras with them which can be used judiciously in organizing the results of their investigations. Movie cameras can be kept in the claim office and given to the trained investigator whenever the need arises. The films, from the still or movie camera, can be used by hearing representatives to great advantage in the trial of a claim in the event it is contravened.

Photographs are used frequently in liability suits and often are key elements in a decision as verdict. Defense specialists in liability cases have utilized a variety of techniques including photo enlargements which permit the jurors to see the details of composition and thereby the points of defense being stressed. Another valid technique is to take photos at an elevation rather that at eye level. In this manner the actual scene of the accident can more easily be visualized and the circumstances more accurately defined.

On the other hand, color photographs are often used by plaintiffs’ attorneys so that the injuries can be better seen, especially if there are contusions, skin tears, or black and blue marks.

This approach will also help expel a great amount of the resistance all claimants demonstrate when they are first contacted, a reaction which should not be resented because it is primarily an outgrowth of the inborn suspicion of all people.

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