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What You Must Do After An Automobile Accident

At some point in our lives, it is not impossible that we get to experience being in terrible situations such as getting involved in automobile accidents. In such instances, even without the presence of any unsubtle harm, there are specific actions which must and must not be done. The injury attorney can make a real difference in your case.

In case you happen to involve yourself in a personal injury case as a result of a vehicular accident, employing a personal injury attorney would be very beneficial.

Never Leave the Scene

In case you sustain injuries or your property gets damaged, the best thing to do is to not leave the scene unless authorities advise you to do so. If you do not remain at the scene even if the law tells you to wait for the authorities you could be punished and incur criminal charges.

Never make statements or divulge information to any person. Only do this to the authorities or your personal injury attorney. If you get injured, have yourself treated immediately. Never delay treatment. Delaying treatment could be detrimental to your health. It can also have a negative effect on your case.

During the days that immediately follow any accident such as a slip or fall or even a vehicular accident, expect that you will be reached by the representatives of the insurance company of the other party involved. There are instances wherein an investigator will convince you to speak and divulge information.

Never Admit Fault

Whether or not you are convinced that you are liable, you should refrain from admitting liability. There are plenty of circumstances that surround the incident. The other driver may be at fault than you. Never disclose information to anyone except to the proper authorities.

Adhering to a few tips will aid you in achieving a better and more positive settlement in your claim. Trust your attorney and heed his advice. These experts will help you come to the best resolution.

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My friend just moved here from Mexico so she does not speak English very well yet. I want to help her find a Spanish speaking personal injury attorney in New York City so she can communicate as best she can. Can someone recommend one or two? Who is the best?

I have worked with John S Carro at Carro Carro Mitchell, who is a personal injury lawyer in NYC and he was great. He was very aggressive with my settlement and won me a lot of money. I know that he, as well as one or two of his secretaries speak spanish. If you want to learn more about them they keep a blog that gives details of some cases they’ve covered. Highly recommended.

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