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XLR Male To Female Cable With Heavy Duty And Quality Materials Is Now Available

XLR Cable

July 7, 2013 – Daly, California — XLR cable by Dot&Dot is now available at Amazon for sale. This 25 feet microphone cable is manufactured with heavy duty quality materials that boost superior performance.

According to the description of the product on Amazon, each cable is manufactured with durable and high quality materials that can last a lifetime. “Why you should buy another cable when this one can last a lifetime? The microphone cable by Dot&Dot is developed with such durable materials that can save your money from making future investments in similar cable connectors,” says a reviewer at Amazon.

Both ends of the XLR male to XLR female microphone cable connector includes metal locking that ensures proper setting with the microphone unit. There is a flexible loop on the female locking end that prevents the cable from getting loose also serve as reinforcement as well.

An expert of XLR cable units at Amazon says, “I have reviewed many cable connectors and I can say that this Dot&Dot product is of supreme quality. The cable is balanced and shielded and also wears a heavy duty flexible rubber jacket that makes it long lasting. I am also impressed with the clarity of sound it generates,”

The cable can also be organized easily with its Velcro strap when it is not in use or need to be carried to different locations. This makes it easy to use and convenient to carry.

“I have purchased XLR cable by different manufacturers in the past, but I must say that Dot&Dot's microphone cable is of great quality and long lasting for the same price. The guys of Dot&Dot have definitely gone the extra mile in every sort of making this cable,” says Roger Favor, a user of the cable.

According to a spokesperson of Dot&Dot, this XLR male to female cable provides noise free performance with no static, humming and hissing sound. It is suitable for various shows, parties, seminars and events.

About Dot&Dot Cables

Amazon is now selling Dot&Dot's XLR cable, which is 25 feet long 3 pin male to female connector. The microphone cable weighs 1.4 pounds. For more details on the product visit amazon.com and look for Dot&Dot cables.

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