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Does anyone know the scale for Lawyer fees for a Workers Compensation Lawyer?

It varies by state and I need Kentucky’s. I know that it maxes at 10 or 12 thousand but have had no luck with google. Thanks!
You idiot. What does Satan have to do with lawyer fees. Or do YOU not think I’m entitled to having my medical bills paid for being ran over with by a piece of equipment at work? Not all ‘lawyer’ related relations are ‘sue’ happy people.

Here’s what I found:


342.320 Approval of attorney’s and physician’s fees and hospital charges — Limits
on attorney’s fees — Payment of attorney fees.
(1) All fees of attorneys and physicians, and all charges of hospitals under this chapter,
shall be subject to the approval of an administrative law judge pursuant to the
statutes and administrative regulations.
(2) In an original claim, attorney’s fees for services under this chapter on behalf of an employee shall be subject to the following maximum limits:
(a) Twenty percent (20%) of the first twenty-five thousand dollars ($25,000) of the award, fifteen percent (15%) of the next ten thousand dollars ($10,000), and five percent (5%) of the remainder of the award, not to exceed a maximum fee of twelve thousand dollars ($12,000). This fee shall be paid by the employee from the proceeds of the award or settlement.
(b) Attorney-client employment contracts entered into and signed after July 14, 2000, shall be subject to the conditions of paragraph (a) of this subsection.

Hope this helps!

What do you think of Barry George being refused compensation?

I was wondering what ‘lost earnings’ were in his case, because he appeared to be totally unemployed and unemployable.

What a laugh, these compensation lawyers will bring any case won’t they? I bet he got legal aid due to having no earnings.
in his first case, the evidence was weak, but the jury were daft enough to buy it. In the second trial there were experts prepared to dispute the validity of the weak evidence. There was never any evidence of any police corruption though, it was all a fair investigation.

I think he was also defended poorly in the first case.

Personally I don’t think George actually did it.

Not for me to say he was ‘unemployable’ I guess, but I find it hard to see what he might have done – better left to a fantasy life.

Someone who has lost eight years of their life due to a miscarriage of justice should receive at least eight million quid in compensation. The ruling is disgusting, don’t forget that he was only sentenced because he was deemed to be the “village idiot” – and now they are f***ing him over because they view him as the village idiot also.

How far away are we from the f***ing middle ages, really?

*EDIT* – Thanks for reminding me of Colin Stagg ‘lily of the valley’. When people commit acts of murder and are guilty of it they are all over the papers and news. Quite rightly, we should be angry.

When people are innocent it doesn’t make headlines. In fact many idiots might think they still “are guilty” because it isn’t the type of news story that sells – Well done Mr Murdoch. I hope you die soon you psychopathic sack of sh!t!

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