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Chimney Caps In Chicago Stop Invasion Of Birds

Chimney Caps In Chicago Stop Invasion Of Birds
Chimney Caps In Chicago Stop Invasion Of Birds

Custom Chimney Caps Chicago. Decorative and functional beauty.

July 25, 2013 – Chicago, IL — For immediate release.

Chimney Caps Chicago announced today that their service can help prevent problems with disease carrying animals, and destruction of property from animals nesting inside chimneys. Having a chimney cap may also reduce the risk of a run in with Federal Authorities over the subject of migratory birds.

“A homeowner can actually have problems with the federal government over removing birds from their own chimney.” said spokesman David Marle. “It is illegal to disturb the nest of a migratory bird. Well, it turns out that the Chimney Swift, which is the only bird that nests inside chimneys, is migratory. So if they or a chimney professional were to remove or disturb the nest it would be illegal and they may be subject to fines.”

Marle continued, “In addition to birds nesting in chimneys, Racoons will also make nests in there. Squirrels make nests in chimneys too. The difference is, their way really causes problems. They completely block the chimney with twigs, leaves and sticks up near the top. This allows them to go in and out without having to climb up and down the flue pipe, which is pretty slippery.”

“Since squirrel nests completely block the chimney, it will not allow any smoke from a fire to draft. If someone lights a fire with a squirrel nest, they will know right away, because the whole house will fill with smoke quickly.

“Our company services the entire Chicago metro area, including Oak Park IL, Des Plaines IL, Evanston IL, Skokie, Orland Park, and more. If someone out there has a chimney with no cover on top, they are asking for trouble.” Marle concluded.

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Custom chimney caps in Chicago. Custom chimney caps, rain pans, and shrouds for the entire Chicago metro. Guaranteed satisfaction. Fast results, reasonable rates.

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