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SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera Available Now!

The SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera attributes both as a hidden camera and also a mini DVR (digital video recorder) and is a high tech device used for surveillance. It covertly makes video recordings and captures photos. It appears to be a typical remote key locking system used to lock and open car doors from a distance. Its small size makes it really mobile and easy to carry.

This car keychain spy camera can hold more than a hour worth of video recordings and hundreds of photos. After being used for one hour the battery will should be charged. The footage can be quickly viewed by plugging the camera right into your computer by making use of the USB Cable that comes with with the product. The car keychain camera requires no external power sources or drivers.

Although, the key chain spy camera is being used by private detectives, it is known that the camera can also be used in places like homes or business establishments.

Photo Quality: The car keychain camera offers great image quality for both video and still photos. This added attribute is a valued improvement when making use of the camera in different surveillance applications.

File Format: When moved to a pc, video files can be viewed making use of any typical media software that has AVI video playback.

Storage Space Ability: For a limited time the SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera includes a 4GB memory SD Card to keep all your videos and images.

Light Indicator: The use or status of the camera is suggested by the light. A yellow light that is bright means the camera is fully charged while a yellow light that is low flashes when the camera will soon need recharging. Nevertheless, the yellow light does not light when in recording mode, which contributes to the usefulness of operation when catching footage privately.

The SpyCrushers Car Keychain Spy Camera has limitless uses. Due to the fact that of this reality, this cost effective spy device is a clever financial investment due to all the lots of tasks one can delight in when using it.

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